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Inserting USB cable to laptop daily
01-02-2017, 12:37 PM
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Inserting USB cable to laptop daily
if your main computer is a laptop and you connect your drobo to it daily. How do you deal with the constant connect/disconnect when you need to physically move away from your drobo? Do you use a multi port USB that is permanently connected to the drobe and you connect your laptop to the multipost USB?

Or do you use a docking station? I have a Macbook Pro.

Thanks in advance.
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01-02-2017, 01:27 PM (This post was last modified: 01-02-2017 01:29 PM by Paul.)
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RE: Inserting USB cable to laptop daily
hi joel,
for me if i use a laptop to a drobo, i tend to bring myself more towards the area of the drobo, and have a laptop on my lap with the drobo on a small table nearby.

(its a pretty basic setup, but i have found the safest practice to simply be to connect it when i wanted to use it, and to use dashboard to shut it down when finished, to avoid any potential filesystem issues that might creep in if not disconnected properly etc - even if i end up doing this 2 or 3 times a day)

you do bring up an interesting scenario, in the sense of what happens if you need to move the laptop away from the usb drobo several times a day.
When my other computer was working, i had 2 drobos attached to it (DAS drobos via usb) always on while here, and if i needed to move things between them i just used a usb stick with a quick parity file since usb sticks arent always as reliable) and i transferred things that way. Maybe if you have another computer, you could try having that run as a server, with the drobo permanently connected to it, and then whenever you pop back into that room you could connect your laptop to your main server computer, and access the drobo that way?

am not sure of the specific workflow you have (or if it is similar each day or if it could vary wildly), though maybe a networked model might behave in a different way (where you keep it running and just connect to it when you need, possibly with an extension router if you work between 2 rooms, but you would still need to plug and unplug a "network" cable instead....unless you added "wireless" into the mix.

another idea could be to try getting a drobo-mini, which is essentially a smaller more-portable version of drobo, a bit like a huge, usb drive with drobo benefits etc, though it depends on your workflow, and how much stuff you want to carry around with you and with your laptop from place to place etc.

its a good question though and am sure other users might have experienced something similar and maybe came up with some good solutions. Smile

(btw i have XP home SP2, a Drobo v1 with 2x 1TB/2x 1.5TB WD greens, & a bkp Drobo v2 with the same + a DroboShare: unused)
& a DroboS v2 with 3xWD15EADS &2x1TB in DDR mode on win7, & a drobo5D (all usb)
  • btw i did a sustained (write) operation for about 6 hours, and got 13.2MB / sec ...objection? "sustained" :)
    (16.7MB/s on a v2 & 47-96MB/s drobo-s)
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