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Disk Pack Migration from 5D to 5D (and back again)
11-29-2016, 09:00 AM
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Disk Pack Migration from 5D to 5D (and back again)
I have two Drobo 5Ds whose disk packs were created prior to the 3.5.0 firmware update enabling 64TB volumes. I'm about to upgrade from 6TB drives to 8TB drives, and create new 64TB volumes in the process, but before beginning I want to ensure I'm doing so properly.

Since I only have two Drobos, I'm going to have to remove a disk pack from one of them and set it aside in order to create a new disk pack for the second Drobo. Then, I'll copy the data over from the old 6TB disk pack to the new 8TB disk pack. After that is finished I will need to remove that newly-created disk pack, set it aside, and repeat the process with the other original disk pack and five more 8TB drives.

I just want to make sure that I can freely move these disk packs around between the two Drobo 5Ds, and that it's not a one-way migration like it is when you move from, say, a Drobo 4-bay to a Drobo5D.
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