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USB 3 Drivers on OS X 10.11 Drobo not MOUNTING
05-28-2017, 10:06 AM
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RE: USB 3 Drivers on OS X 10.11 Drobo not MOUNTING
Hi everyone,

just adding my story. I have a Drobo 5D and by the end of last year (October 2016) a while after installing Mac OS Sierra it started to become unstable and not mounting. At first it started not mounting thought USB3 then I could still access it via thundertbolt to repair.

At the time, I received the same suggestion from Drobo Support to use DiskWarrior.

Then in January 2017 it stopped working at all. The Drobo box still starts up fine and all lights are stable. Green lights for the disks and blue status lights at the bottom. Unfortunately it doesn't appear either via USB or Thunderbolt. Not even Drobo Dashboard can see it anymore.

I've tried all suggestions: using a USB HUB, using a windows machine, old version of OS X.

After talking to Drobo support it seems the only option is to by another Drobo 5D or 5Dt.

Drobo doesn't even offer any repair options so I thought having redundant disks would protect my files. Now Drobo holds my files ransom since it uses a proprietary RAID system. I have to pay another US$ 650,00 to get a new 5D and access them back. What a shame.
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