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06-29-2015, 04:21 PM
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I called Drobo for a quick question. I was able to get a representative on the phone. Because my Drobo is out of warranty, he was unable to answer any of my questions and ended up hanging up on me. He wouldn't help me out at all, all kept telling me was to email the questions and because my Drobo was out of warranty he could not transfer me to customer support. It was very annoying. For me customer support is extremely important, especially when you have a specialty product like this, and we trust our livelihood to safe keep our important documents and files. All I wanted to know was if it was normal for Drobo Dashboard to say 248 hours is within normal parameters for data protection. I have a simple question. In the time it took him to ask serial number question and determine my Drobo was out of warranty, my question could have been answered. I will never recommend a Drobo and will get rid of this one as soon as I can. For the customer support I get, I can get another backup hard drive system that costs way less, more capacity, faster, and way better customer support.
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07-01-2015, 06:17 PM
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hi david, i dont work for them
but if it helps you in any way, it usually takes about 1 day for every 1tb of data that you have on the drobo.
so if your drobo has 10tb of data, then it could take a good 10days.

usually the dashboard starts off accurately (but other drobo use can skew the results a bit like when windows shows you time estimates remaining) so if youre not actively using the drobo (or having scheduled search engine indexes etc or virus scans kicking in) then its about 1 day per tb (if it goes over that time, then its good to allow a bit extra to play safe)

btw if you have any quesitons please feel free to ask here in one of the forums most applicable for your model and one of us forum users can try and help Smile

(btw i have XP home SP2, a Drobo v1 with 2x 1TB/2x 1.5TB WD greens, & a bkp Drobo v2 with the same + a DroboShare: unused)
& a DroboS v2 with 3xWD15EADS &2x1TB in DDR mode on win7, & a drobo5D (all usb)
  • btw i did a sustained (write) operation for about 6 hours, and got 13.2MB / sec ...objection? "sustained" :)
    (16.7MB/s on a v2 & 47-96MB/s drobo-s)
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