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New owner of Drobo Gen 3 :)
04-12-2015, 12:11 PM
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New owner of Drobo Gen 3 :)
Hey guys... I'm a new owner of the Drobo Gen 3.
I'm migrating from a Drobo Gen 2 (I think, maybe Gen 1). It's an old Drobo, and I figured I would get a new one before the old one decides to die one day.

The build quality seems to be better, and I like the power switch at the back.
It's also a lot quieter than the old one.

However I was not able to migrate the drives right into the new one. With the power off, I slid all 4 drives into the new Drobo, and then powered it on. After boot up the center 8 blue LEDs were lit. Drobo dashboard didn't detect it, and I had no idea if it was doing any thing. I thought this might be normal so I left it there for hours and hours. I didn't time it exactly... but it was somewhere around 6 hours.

Fearing the worst. I panicked, powered of the new Drobo and reinserted the drives into the old Drobo. Whew!! I had my data back!

Now I'm manually copying data from one Drobo to the other. I think this will take days. LOL
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04-14-2015, 07:31 PM
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RE: New owner of Drobo Gen 3 :)
Sounds like a Gen1.

As you discovered, you cannot migrate the disk pack from a Gen1 to current gen.

i7 Mac Mini Server, 10.10
Drobo (Gen2), USB, 4x WD 4TB RED

Drobo (Gen3), USB3, 4X WD 4TB RED

Drobo 5D, TB, 5x WD 4TB RED, 120GB Intel 525 mSATA SSD
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