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5D Mac Damaged Privileges
05-04-2017, 01:18 PM
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5D Mac Damaged Privileges
I have 2 Drobo's connected to a 2013 Mac Pro (black can) running OS X 10.12.4. I've had the older Drobo for more than 3 years. It has 5 4-TB WD drives installed and it works fine.

Two weeks ago I had some problems with the other Drobo and as a precaution I ran First Aide from Apple's Disk Utility program against the older Drobo. It took about an hour and reported making some repairs. Since then some of the read/write privileges as shown by Get Info on the Drobo have been malfunctioning.

I have 3 user accounts on the Mac. All of them should be able to read and writ to the Drobo, but various folders are restricted to just one account. The Drobo is owned by my primary account and everyone has read & write privileges to it. After running First Aid, my other accounts can not access the Drobo without giving them explicit privileges. This shouldn't be needed.

Some second level folders now show different ownership depending on which account is currently active. This also should not be.

I can get at all my data, but I have to override a lot of privileges that worked fine before First Aid.

Has anyone here seen this kind of problem? Neither Apple nor Drobo tech support seems to have any insight into this issue.
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