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Blinking Red lights after multiple drive replacements.
11-21-2016, 05:12 PM
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RE: Blinking Red lights after multiple drive replacements.
hi vincent,
as far as i know, the spin speed might only cause the overall performance to not be as quick or as optimised as it could be, though that it shouldnt really cause drives to fail or flash/blink red.

what may have happened, is that the rebuild process might have put some usage stress on the new drives, which they were not able to properly cope with, and that the new drives (and old) were put through even more repeated usage stress as each subsequent rebuild took place....

if you happen to have a way to connect one of those (currently removed) failed drives in a stand alone way, such as via a usb docking station or caddy case, it might be worth running some drive integrity tests on them. one way could be to use the western digital data life guard tools, and to run all quick and all full surface tests, 1 test at a time, to see if any problems are found there,

if any problems are found, you can hopefully get them RMAd and swapped for repacements,

But, it might be best to start first making some backups of your existing data which is on the mini, especially if it is still currently accessible, just in case another drive happens to fail while you currently already have a failed drive. (while you "could" in theory remove the failed drive if the others are ok and dashboard showing an overall healthy status, apart from that failed drive, any additional rebuild stress might affect some other drives, so i would make a backup if you can, first).

(btw i have XP home SP2, a Drobo v1 with 2x 1TB/2x 1.5TB WD greens, & a bkp Drobo v2 with the same + a DroboShare: unused)
& a DroboS v2 with 3xWD15EADS &2x1TB in DDR mode on win7, & a drobo5D (all usb)
  • btw i did a sustained (write) operation for about 6 hours, and got 13.2MB / sec ...objection? "sustained" :)
    (16.7MB/s on a v2 & 47-96MB/s drobo-s)
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RE: Blinking Red lights after multiple drive replacements. - Paul - 11-21-2016 05:12 PM

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