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Drobo mini won't boot
11-20-2016, 08:58 PM (This post was last modified: 11-20-2016 09:37 PM by justanothersunday.)
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Exclamation Drobo mini won't boot
I recently upgraded the firmware on my Drobo mini to v3.5. After the update finished, Drobo Dashboard prompted me to restart the Drobo. After confirming the restart, the Drobo seemed to not boot correctly and would not reconnect to my laptop. All of the drive lights were solid yellow, the power light is solid yellow, the capacity gauge is completely blue and the activity light is solid green.

After initially failing to boot. I turned off the Drobo and left it powered off for a few minutes. After reconnecting the power, the result is the same. When this still didn't work, I powered it off and removed all of drives and then reconnected the power. Still, the result was the exact same.

I've looked at a few other threads on this forum and it seems like this could be a potential hardware failure, but I am looking to get some more information so I can figure out how to proceed. I was considering paying for a single support ticket, however, at a cost of $50, that seems a bit steep considering I'm not certain that it will help to resolve my issue.

Thanks in advance to anyone that has any information that may help.
Here's a photo of what the unit looks like when it's powered on without the drives installed.

[Image: IMG_0318.jpg]
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