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Drobo 5D Windows 10 Thunderbolt - taurec - 10-16-2016 02:21 AM

I came from germany and bought the drobo5d over amazon in the usa.
The shipping was very fast and flawless. After I got the device, I tried the device with thunderbolt to connect my Asus Mainboard with the Thunderbolt EX2. With this PCIe card I have established a connection to my Qnap TVS-871T (Thunderbolt network) After I got no connection with Thunderbolt to Drobo 5D I have to read on the homepage that Windows is not supported.
This is mentioned with the seller at Amazon with no word.
Since I have to store several hundred gigabytes daily for my company, the Thunderbolt interface for me has been a purchase decision. USB3 is not enough.
Apart from that the USB3 speed with the Drobo is very low. (About 80MB write and 90MB read, my ext. Raid from Fantec has about 180MB write and 190MB read).
Unfortunately, the Drobo also shows me a capacity of 64TB although I have only 2 x 6TB WD Red installed.
For me is missing also a setting which kind Raid I would like to use.
Maybe someone can help me with the raid question or the capacity display.

I hope the Drobo finally the support for Thunderbolt for Windows 10 finished.
Until now, I am absolutely disappointed by the device.

cu Taurec

P.S. Thundebolt also has to work on Linux (Qnap). My external 2.5 "hard drives from Buffalo also works on Windows 10 and Qnap flawlessly.

RE: Drobo 5D Windows 10 Thunderbolt - Docchris - 10-17-2016 02:58 AM

Unfortunately i think you should have researched better before you purchased.

You cannot configure the RAID levels in a drobo - except to change between dual or single disk redundancy (approximately equivalent to RAID 5 and RAID 6 if you have several disks in your Drobo).

if you only have two disk it will be the equivalent to RAID 1.

All Drobo's use "thin-provisioning" this means that the space is formatted to be a large size (64TB) regardless of the actual capacity of the physical disks, this allows you to add more disks without needing to reformat to take advantage of that new space - this also cannot be changed.

I think that USB3 is still faster than the Drobo can be, so i would not expect you to see much / any difference between thunderbolt or USB 3 - since it will still be the Drobo which is the limiting factor.

RE: Drobo 5D Windows 10 Thunderbolt - DSLAM - 11-01-2016 10:38 AM

(10-16-2016 02:21 AM)taurec Wrote:  After I got no connection with Thunderbolt to Drobo 5D I have to read on the homepage that Windows is not supported.

Yes, unfortunately you've stumbled upon one of the pain points of owning a Drobo with Windows. Apparently, Drobo is either unable or unwilling to implement Thunderbolt support in Windows (the most used OS in the world). Nobody knows why. You can see the other threads on this topic as covered before.

Win8.1 and 5D Thunderbolt

It's baffling and discouraging to be sure.
But Drobos do tend to be rather slow, so as far as speed increases, you probably wont see a big difference between Thunderbolt and USB 3, I think. But no one can be sure because they wont support it. Plus it's nice to have another way to connect it.