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Drobo Support Forum
Do you know a special trick or tip that makes your Drobo storage product even easier to use? This is the place to share your insights about day-to-day Drobo use and also learn from others.
  • Using your Drobo to stream movies from apple TV
  • Using your Drobo to back up your computers
  • Perfect place to organize all your Photos, Videos, Movies and files
  • Drobo manages your data for you
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Drobo Developer Community
Do more with your Drobo storage products. You will find the resources you need to create compelling applications and utilities for Drobo, DroboPro and DroboShare, using the Drobo SDK. You can share your DroboApps and utilities and leverage existing DroboApps.
DroboShare Applications
  • iTunes Music Server
  • Rsync
  • FTP
  • Jumbo Frames Support
Drobo Applications
  • Linux version of the Drobo Dashboard
  • Utility to modify the usage of LEDs on Drobo
  • Utility that shows Drobo‚Äôs actual capacity in Windows
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